A massive Welcome and thank you for joining me on this here Blog. I simply can’t express just how EXCITED I am about this blog.¬† My name is Patricia and I created this website because I wanted to share with others my journey from being terribly dissatisfied with my job to seeking my life’s purpose. I often come across a disturbing number of dissatisfied people. Typically, they are unhappy with life in general and I have to ask, ‘What is your life’s purpose? Have you taken time to find out whom you are here to serve?’ If this sounds like you, then you in the good company as I encourage you to begin your own journey through reading some of the books that I have read and emulating what the people who have found their life’s purpose have done. No need to reinvent the wheel, right? In this week’s blog, I’m tackling procrastination. I only pass on here what’s worked for me, having read lots of books by motivational speakers and entrepreneurs such as Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Tai Lopez and many others. I’d also like it of you’d share with this group of amazing people what’s worked for you on our exclusive Facebook Forum.¬† To help you find you life’s purpose, start by reading this blog from Livewellandprosper¬† for inspiration.