Book Review

Patric Chan’s Simple Success Principles is a book that I truly believe was written for me. The book rushes through what the author deems to be some simple steps for success. He is blunt and to the point. His success methods are based mostly from his own personal experiences but he does mention some of his reading material (notably Napoleon Hill and Robert Kiyosaki’s books) that have been a factor in developing his success mind-set. I like the organic nature of the writing, much like my own in this blog-  even the author states that the book was not proof-read because he wanted to ‘retain its originality and flow’.  Sharing one’s thoughts with others through such medium as Blogs is what really drew me into the book as I am already doing it here. The author passionately writes that sharing has exponential rewards of personal growth, amongst other things. This is because when you share a book for instance, the other person will share a book they have read and you both have learnt something new. I believe that we each can find something worth cultivating for ourselves from this honest and but flitting account of Patric’s life experiences.

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