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Slightly taking a detour from the rigours of internal self-improvement of the past weeks, today I will write about the most current interest of mine, perhaps placing focus a little on taking real Action. This week I have been reading a book by Dr Andy Williams titled SEO 2017 and beyond. Andy is my favourite SEO authority and he happens to write programs that solve digital issues. You know which ones I mean? When you buy an app and you find you need to buy another to make the former work at optimum level etc.
As a writer, I like to observe different writing styles and ‘SEO 2017 and beyond’ made me take a closer look at the media that I indulge in on a daily basis. eCommerce, currently, Email marketing is an interesting one for me and the following are my tips for people who want to get into that area of marketing.
• ‘Get started for FREE’ [these words will set your prospects reeling. Afterall, everybody loves freebies]
• ‘This is a one-time only opportunity’ [create urgency]
• Are you a … or…? [get people worried about being one thing and not the other and that’s when you can direct them to becoming this one thing at the same time driving them towards the product that will help them become that thing]
• Tell a real sentimental story and ask if they resonate with this story then suggest how you got over your problem and that’s how they too can overcome [building a relationship based on commonality]
• Give lots of valuable but FREE information. Suggest to your prospects that they can progress even further if they buy your product [Most crucial. The free info. must be of high quality and way more than what the niche expects. Remember, this is the information age. Information is golden.]
• Make your niche feel like they are part of a private tribe; they are special; you favour them above all others. [relationship building]
• You must never sit on the fence. Do not be everything to everyone. [If you do, those people will only buy from you one time and one time only]
• Exclude others and draw your niche closer because they will buy from you over and over again [relationship building]
• Convince your niche that you are a big deal when it comes to what you are doing [authority]
• Be brutally honest, self-deprecate sometimes. [people love to think that you are not all perfect. They can relate to that person more]
• Show millions of happy customers [people are social creatures so when you involve other people, trust is built; and maybe likeability]
• Place links on the email after every paragraph or two, linking to the product you are pushing [Call-to-Action]
• Embolden some text [it shows that this is the most important thing about the email]
• Place spaces carefully between each line of text [not sure why but all the best SMM gurus do this]
• Show them the lifestyle they want through either the use of seductive words or imagery [make them desire something even more; it’s not the same as creating desire though]
• Google Alerts will enable you to monitor new Keywords in your niche. Alerts can be sent through email or RSS feeds which you can add to a Feedly account (Feedly is a tool that notifies you of any new content from your competitors’ websites). This will enable you/your company to have your finger on the pulse. Share the breaking news on social media and you become an influencer [this is essentially a job for the person who does the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) for your website but I just I like it sooo much I had to mention it. Besides, I happen to think copywriters could assume the role of the Breaker of News if the SEO and SMM are not engaging in it]

So, there you have it, you budding copywriters.

Till next time…


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