Developing Character Outlines

Keeping Faith

Major actions

  • Faith gets her babies back from social services
  • She admits that she fancies the thug
  • She squares up to the police woman who is her nemesis
  • She confronts the Irish thugs
  • She confronts her parents-in-law about their roles in the disappearance of her husband
  • Her efforts are being thwarted by the gangster Irish and the corrupt police
  • She repeatedly leaves her children alone in the middle of the night
  • It dawns on her that her husband has been living a double life
  • Her husband goes missing and she must find him

What does the character want?

  • To find her husband
  • To keep her children safe
  • To get her children back
  • To get answers from her husband
  • To save her husband from possible calamity
  • Who can she trust?

How does the character look at her own basic psychology?

  • She is smart but makes uncharacteristic decisions for a smart person, but it turns out that withholding information from the police is the clever thing to do because they are the enemy
  • She is cagey because she doesn’t know whom she can trust

The character’s superficial affect

  • She is naïve; trusting and rightly so; tough; honest; strong personality; determined

Important physical characteristics

  • Beautiful, smartly dressed, strong eye contact, sexy, carefree

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