I created this website because I wanted to share with others my journey from being terribly dissatisfied with my job to seeking my life’s purpose. I often come across a disturbing number of dissatisfied people. I will share some proven methods that can make lasting changes to people who are currently dissatisfied with their jobs or lives in general. I have a fair amount of wisdom to share as well which has mainly come from the books I have read as well as having lived for these many years…46 to be precise. The book that inspires me the most is Andy Andrew’s The Seven Decisions which I will be referencing a lot to start with.

I aim to interview many of my mentors, some of whom I am sure you will already know about and are probably inspired by yourselves. I will be asking them to share the books that they have read so that we may hope also follow in their footstep, if you so desire.I entreat you to undertake most of the challenges I will be setting so that we may go on an adventure together. I hope to get to know you better as time progresses.

There will be posts of blogs and vlogs. So watch this space. I have also set up a special Facebook group that we can use as a platform for sharing all our experiences.

I can’t tell you just how excited I am about what’s to come and I hope you are too. So, let’s strap up and set off for the journey of  a lifetime.

 “Your purpose has yet to be lived”
Andy Andrews