First blog post

So, the About page is rather long, so I will keep this somewhat short – not sure what an acceptable length is though.

Procrastination. If you ever suffered from this debilitating illness, fear not, I have some proven strategies that work for me. Proof of success #1, upon (you’ll have to excuse the ‘proper’ English in my writing, I simply don’t know how else to write without sounding like I’m writing a Jane Austen novel or dissertation. It’s probably because I’m new at this blogging. I’m not sure if I have a style yet but I don’t think this is it.) As I was saying, upon the recommendation of my mentor, the renowned entrepreneur and author, Tai Lopez (I pay him), I wake up before my household arises in order to do some reading, goal setting and such like. I’m happy to report to you that I’m doing quite well on that front as I’m no longer a stranger to the 5 am dawn chorus.

Proof #2, I’m blogging ain’t I? Plus, I set up this site myself, pretty sharpish – unfair advantage because I am a computer programmer by profession. I must warn you that I have other professions that will probably come out in my writing as and when.

So, after all that’s said and done, it’s safe to say that I am no procrastinator. How have I achieved that? – quick rummage around in my 4 notebooks for evidence.

You can bet your bottom dollar that this wisdom will have come out of the books that I’m currently reading.  It has to be in the first pages of these notebooks  because the 1st thing I did in my character building journey was to change my belief system and then deal with the procrastination. I’ll talk about Beliefs in my next blog, but for now, the dreaded procrastination.

Ahh, here it is. FEAR is the source of most procrastination, in my belief. We tend to avoid ACTION because of our fears. I have identified 3 monstrous fears as such: the fear of  failure, rejection and humiliation. I have some strategies for slaying these dragons (I have been watching G.O.T) that I will share with you in my next blog; in my preamble of the Belief systems.

In the meantime, do read The Seven Decisions and do not neglect to do the exercises. I like to get my books from Amazon coz there’s just about all the books I ever want there.

Bye for now…